Crochet flower brooch from free flower crochet pattern. Shown in colours of liquorice all sorts with jar of sweets in background

Free Crochet Flower Pattern: Yarndale flower brooch

In 2015, and with the help of my crafting friends, we crocheted 52 flower brooches from my free flower crochet pattern. The reason for making 52 brooches was our trip to Yarndale, and we gave each person on the coach a colourful brooch to wear and to keep as a momento of our fabulous day out.

Yarndale is definitely my favourite yarn show and it’s been a while since I’ve visited, with surely means I need more yarn? Maybe a visit this year will be on the cards!

crochet flower brooches

I’ve shared the pattern here so that you too can make a colourful and pretty brooch to gift to a friend, or a loved one, just to show that you are thinking of them. Sometimes, just the smallest handmade gift can mean such a lot.

I really enjoyed making this batch from cotton oddments, and they reminded me of liquorice allsorts sweets too.

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Please read the copyright terms, which apply globally, before downloading your pattern:

This pattern is published under copyright to me ©Lynne Rowe 2024 and is for your own personal use only. Feel free to sell items made from this pattern for charity fundraising purposes, or to gift to family and friends. Selling small numbers for profit is only allowed with permission. Please email for permission to sell in small numbers. By downloading or using this pattern, you agree to these terms.

How to crochet a flower brooch from my free flower crochet pattern

Finished Size:
Approximate size using double knitting (light worsted) yarn and 4mm hook is 6-7cm (21⁄2in) across

For each flower you will need:
Approximately 10g-12g of Double Knitting (light worsted) yarn
4mm or 4.5mm hook
1 x 8mm bead or a small button
1 x brooch back
Sewing needle and thread

Abbreviations (US terms)
ch = chain
sc = single crochet (UK double crochet)
dc = double crochet (UK treble crochet)
rep = repeat
sts(s) = stitch(es)

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Instructions (written in UK crochet terminology):
With double knitting (light worsted) yarn, and US 6 (4mm) or US 8 (4.5mm) hook, make 23ch, loosely.

Row 1: 1sc (UK 1dc) in second ch from hook, 2sc (UK 2dc) in each remaining ch. (43 dc). Turn.
Note: your crochet will naturally curl because you have worked 2sc (UK 2dc) into each ch.
Row 2: 1ch (does not count as a st), 1sc (UK 1dc) in first st, *3ch, miss next st, 1sc (UK 1dc) in next st; rep from * to end. (21 x 3ch loops). Turn.
Row 3: Starting from the inside petal, 1ch (does not count as a st), [1sc (UK 1dc), 4dc (UK 4tr), 1sc (UK 1dc)] in each of the next 11 3ch-loops, [1sc (UK 1dc), 5dc (UK 5tr), 1sc (UK 1dc)] in each of the next 10 3ch-loops. (21 petals).

Cut yarn and fasten off, leaving a long tail end.

Making up:
Your flower will naturally curl which helps with the making up. Starting with the smaller inside petals, roll the petals into the natural curve, creating a flower shape and layering the petals asyou roll. Try to keep the layers relatively loose. The smaller petals will be layered around thecentre and the slightly larger petals will be layered around the outside. When you’re happy with the shape, thread the yarns ends onto a wool needle and stitch through the layers to secure them, working from the back. Weave yarn ends into WS and trim. Add a bead to the centre.

Alternative Centre: If you prefer, you can use any yarn to make a centre: ch4, 4dc (UK 4tr) in 4th ch from hook, remove hook from working stitch, insert hook from front to back into top of beginning 4ch, replace working loop on hook and pull through. Cut yarn and pull through loop on hook to fasten off. Tie ends tightly together to form a ball. Sew to centre of flower.

Finally, attach a brooch pin to the back of the flower, then pin to your favourite coat, jacket, cardigan or bag.

I’ve added the pattern to Ravelry here, so don’t forget to add your projects. If you share your flowers on social media it would be fab if you could link me – I’m @thewoolnest on Facebook and the_woolnest on Instagram, thank you.

Happy making, Lynne

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