Lynne Rowe Knitting and Crochet, sitting on a chair with arm resting

Hi, and welcome to Knit, Crochet, Create.

I’m Lynne and I love to bring the fun into your knitting and crochet with my quick and easy patterns. Let me help you reduce your yarn stash mountain, as we weave our heart and soul into every stitch.

From hobby to successful business

I’ve worked in the heart of the knitting and crochet sector for over 13 years and I’m passionate about helping others enjoy the wellbeing benefits that both knitting and crochet can bring.

I left my prominent environmental career of 20 years to turn my hobby into her business and haven’t looked back since. After venturing into the world of knitting and crochet I’m now an established designer, editor and author and have written 6 popular craft books including best seller ‘The Sock Knitting Bible’. I both edit and feature in many of the UK’s knitting and crochet magazines with my new designs and informative articles and I’m seen as an expert in my field.

The Sock Knitting Bible by Lynne Rowe

By sharing my tips and knowledge, I aim to help knitters and crocheters worldwide to enjoy the calm and relaxing process of turning yarn into fabric; to feel proud of your creations and to improve your confidence by learning new skills.

And by sharing my expertise and experience, I aim to help knit/crochet business owners and tech editors to build strong foundations for their business and go from flustered and overwhelmed, to focussed and on their way to creating a successful and reliable business, with my online courses and mentoring programme.

When I’m not working, you can either find me enjoying the outdoors on local walks or simply relaxing at home with my knitting and crochet, trying not to lose count or drop a stitch.

About Lynne Rowe Knitting and Crochet Designer, tutor, tech editor and author